the hit of enlightenment (بیگانگی) | 2022
Kraftwerk Berlin for Metabolic Rift

the hit of enlightenment resumed where next time, die consciously (بیگانگی) left off three years earlier, in the same massive Kraftwerk both musically with an articulation of architectural and acoustic space via 30 drummers positioned peripherally, and conceptually with the realisation that heteronomy is the condition of all things – that external forces create our notion of self which tends to be constructable and therefore de-constructable.

Taking a critical stance towards notions of regulated time by embracing rhythmic instability and sound as sculptural material, this piece highlights methods of co-existence and distinction through rupture while gesturing towards the possibility of strong, sudden shifts in consciousness.

Video by Fact Magazine

LP release on Berlin Atonal, More Light Box set

concept, direction & music: LABOUR (Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander)
2nd drumset: Masaya Hijikata
video art direction: Evelyn Bencicova, Enes Güç, Zeynep Schilling
light: MFO (Marcel Weber)
stochastic drum ensemble: 26 performers, names omitted
special thanks to: Callie’s

Performed at Kraftwerk Berlin on Sept 30th, 2022.

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