sungazing | 2022
Kraftwerk Berlin for X100 Festival

sungazing premiered in November 2022 at the massive former power plant, Kraftwerk Berlin in the context of the X100 Festival celebrating the legacy of Iannis Xenakis. Spread throughout the entire main space using three stages, peripheral space and everywhere in between, LABOUR’s performance was based on a sonic dramaturgy of algorithmic composition that included eight stacks of loudspeakers, 30 percussionists, a string sextet, bass clarinet, printed fabrics, four dancers, and six performers. This iteration of sungazing uses their own sonic activations format to intersect and expand the concert experience: instrumentalists move from the stage to distribute themselves throughout the audience; a mass of percussionists move from the distant periphery through the audience and back; performers carry 24-meters of printed fabrics in a procession that intersects the audience and reinforces the spatial listening environment by drawing attention to shifting temporary sites of activity all around the audience. Events are de-centralised and happen simultaneously; audience members have unique experiences based on where they are and how they move through the space, while musical sections evolve to fleetingly embrace both the intensity of spectacle and the directness of grid-time rhythms before transcending again into alternative temporal modalities.

A central performance, sungazing by the group LABOUR, sums up the scale and power of the weekend. With sprawling allusions to Greek mythology, Zoroastrianism, social rituals and techno hedonism, it’s all too much, and risks becoming a sound and light spectacle. But there’s no denying the drums, voices and sounds echoing around the space tap into Xenakis’ enduring and uncanny power. - The Wire, February 2023 issue

sungazing by LABOUR | video shot and edited by synthtati with additional footage by Michal Kebis

concept, direction & music: LABOUR (Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander)
second drumset: Masaya Hijikata
ensemble: Diana Miron (violin), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet), Tijana Stankovic (violin), Andrei Kivu (cello), Laurentiu Cotac (double bass), Adam Scheflan (double bass), Zach Rowden (double bass)
visual design of textiles: Evelyn Bencicova, Enes Güç, Zeynep Schilling
visual assistant: Sofia Van Royen
percussion / vocal ensemble: Diane Barbé, Sirbu Dan, Santiago Burelli, Joel Cotterell, Gurnidh Singh, Anja Malec, Ozan Pol, Maryna Makarenko, Kevin Chow, Alexandra Gruebler, Monika Gabriela Dorniak, Veronica Wüst, Maria Smolianinova, Martina Jurak, Lisa Smirnova, Emilia Kuryłowicz, Nobutaka Shomura, Tania Abanina, Denis Altschul, Francesco Della Toffola, Irene Fernandez Arcas, Lara Alarcón, Stratos Bichakis, Vera Pogurskaja, Barbara Lázara and Marcela Donatro
dancers: Bonono_i, Ana Lima, Janek, Zhenya Salinski
additional performers: Arthur Baron, Hermione Flynn, Alejandro Spano
lights: MFO
Special thanks to: Callie’s, Outer, HAU, and The Cashmere Radio ‘Goat Chorus’
filming and editing: Synthtati
additional footage: Michal Kebis
camera assistant: Handan Kocanoglu

Premiered at Kraftwerk Berlin on Nov 19th, 2022.

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