Eventide by LABOUR & Fa’ Pawaka | 2022
Julia Stoschek Foundation Berlin

This new site-specific collaboration unites LABOUR’s practice of sonic activations with Fa’Pawaka’s sacred tunings within the framework of the group exhibition “at dawn” presented by Julia Stoschek Foundation and REIF. The work highlights a spatial experience of sound, in line with LABOUR’s format of sonic activations, as the audience is led by sound from one sonic event to the next: from the foyer to the basement, through the stairwells and to the upstairs cinema, this sonic parcours culminates in a sacred tunings session and collaborative performance.

According to a quote by Alice Coltrane, from which at dawn, the exhibition’s title, is borrowed, every morning–at dawn–we should “sit at the feet of action.” Eventide can refer to the space of a day but also of a lifetime, and conjures a state in which we are open to the universe, becoming conduits for what the cosmos has to offer. In their activation Fa’ Pawaka and LABOUR work toward this recalibration and sonic catharsis, inviting us to listen and feel our bodies in relation to each other and everything around us.

Eventide was presented during Berlin Art Week over four public performances.

Eventide by LABOUR & Fa’ Pawaka | video shot and edited by Moritz Freudenberg

Eventide by: LABOUR and Fa’Pawaka
Curated by: Marcelo Alcaide (REIF) Lisa Long (JSC)
Throat Singing by: Sainkho Namtchylak
Gong by: Elisa Lindenberg
Choir, Percussion with Show Choir: Jess Gadani, Anna Pauksa, Summer Banks, Fritz Leonard, Ben Southam, Natalie Robinson and Sam Potter
Scenography by: Roberta Jurcic (bplus.xyz Berlin & Design Studio s+ Zürich) with Zakaria Rugs, Light by GRAU
Custom Sound System by: H.A.N.D. HiFi
Special thanks to: Callie’s, Berlin for providing studio space

With the generous support of Nike ISPA

Performed at Julia Stoschek Foundation Berlin on Sept 15th & 16th 2022.

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