GmbH autumn 2021 - Welt am Draht


For the occasion of collaboration with Berlin fashion label GmbH, LABOUR created a new piece of music, enlisting the Oud playing of Khyam Allami, forgoing their usual pursuits of rhythmic instability, instead creating a music both future-oriented and traditional.

creative directors Benjamin A. Huseby & Serhat Isik
director Matt Lambert
director of photography Chris Aoun

music LABOUR
oud improvisation Khyam Allami

jewellery Nhat-Vu Dang
artistic consultant Emman Debattista
hair Mustafa Yanaz
make up & braiding Adiam Habtezion
casting Affa Osman cast Lucien Naim Adulzahab, Hossam Ibrahim, Isaiah Delgado, Mouhamed Ndaye, Islam Dulatov, Alec Gant
production vers