LABOUR - The Hit Of Enlightenment 
from Berlin Atonal: More Light Boxset by Berlin Atonal Recordings

Closely linked to the aesthetics of next time, die consciously, this studio composition explores complex relationships of diverse musical material and seeks to devise a method of co-existence and distinction through rupture while gesturing towards the possibility of strong, sudden shifts in consciousness.  This journey of transformation uses the main drumming-theme from the aforementioned piece as a launchpad into unknown sonic territory; the listener discovers stochastic drumming, algorithmic sound synthesis reminiscent of Xenakis’ Polytopes du Cluny, amplified bass clarinet, a small homage to Mika Vainio via bitcrushed drum machine, and finally an elegy-like closing statement. 

music LABOUR
electronics Farahnaz Hatam
drum machine Colin Hacklander
drums  Colin Hacklander and Masaya Hijikata
bass clarinet Yoni Silver
recording Francesco Donadello at Vox Ton Studios